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This may be the MOST IMPORTANT information that you ever find

that could save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Are you confused about refinancing your mortgage ?

Would you like to be in a better financial situation ?

Would you like to pay your mortgage off sooner ?

Would you like to save many thousands of dollars ?

Would you like a FREE analysis of your current situation ?

Are you looking for honest, ethical advice ?

Would you like a FREE consultation ?

Please don't let lack of information keep you from understanding your options regarding loans, whether refinancing or purchasing a home.

Personalized service to meet your needs.

I will explain how to get a NO COST loan and what you can qualify for.

I don't have a fancy website. I'm sincere about wanting to help you.

Refinance to lower your interest rate. Do not start over at 30 years.

Pay your loan off sooner. I offer amazing rates. You will be shocked.

Many people can save $25,000-$50,000 in interest but do not realize it !!

Let me explain how saving just .25% can save you thousands of dollars.

Don't be fooled by the largest mortgage advertisers on TV, Radio & Internet. Their rates are high.

Who do you think really pays for those ads ?

Don't believe that your bank is going to give you a special deal because you already deal with them. Their rates are often terrible.

DO NOT Refinance without checking with me. I have helped many homeowners understand their situation and explain how to save tens of thousands of dollars. I offer NO COST loans. 

There is not one rate that applies to everyone!!

Rates are based on credit score, equity and other factors. 

Call me to discuss your situation IF:

Your current rate is 4.00% or higher

VA rate over 3.50%

You want to pay your loan off sooner and not start over for 30 years

You are paying mortgage insurance

You need cash out to pay off other high interest rate debt

You want to get into a better financial situation

I work with you one on one. Skeptics welcome !!

Your bank won't tell you about these options.

I can help you get into a better financial situation.

FREE analysis and FREE consultation about your current situation.

No appraisal may be needed.

Call me if you don't think you should refinance.

I have a vision and strategies that will benefit you and will explain your options to you in language that you will understand.

When refinancing, you do not need to start over for 30 years

YOU determine the term,, whether it's 5 years, or 8 or 13.5 or 19 or 22 years.

The MOST important factor is the interest rate that you are paying on your loan balance.


Primary residence, 2nd homes, Rental properties.

Innovative and reliable information, strategies and advice.

Short-term and long-term assistance, advice and support.

Home Loan Sheldon

Sheldon Ruckenstein Direct Line 760-419-5450

NMLS # 1043715 CA DRE # 01894173 Realtor

Call me today for a FREE consultation !!

7 days a week 760-419-5450

Do not refinance to lower your payment and start over for 30 years unless you have to. Refinance to get a lower interest rate. No cost loans are available.

I can help you raise your credit score. I can help you get in a better financial situation. I have strategies that are easy to understand. Primary residence and rental properties.

Stop throwing money away. Pay your mortgage off sooner. I have helped many homeowners save tens of thousands of dollars. Please don't be confused. Get into a better financial situation. I'm passionate about want to help people save money and understand their options. I don't have a fancy website. I will save you money. I offer amazing rates. Call me today.

I am a licensed Realtor and able to represent you when buying or selling property anywhere in California.

I can also help you with your financing needs whether you are purchasing OR refinancing property.


Lowest mortgage rates in California. Best home loan brokers.